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4 June – Nuala Raftery: Just read this reference to Altan in Jeffrey Deaver’s The Sleeping Doll, “As she was driving she listened to some music by Altan, the Celtic group. “green Grow the Rushes O” was the song. The melody was haunting under the circumstances, …

26 May – Alla: Just listened to your new album. It’s so beautiful and magical. The music – deep, clear and so masterly ornamented- embraces, leads into some other – fairy world. And Mairéad’s voice is absolutely enchanting! Your “Poison Glen” sounds really Heavenly… :) Thank you!

24 May – lieve: what a brill night and so lovely to CU all in Bruges… for once, my hometown :D lievehugsx

16 May – JP(France): Magnificent evening with you and the kids yesterday at the Karavan Theatre.Ireland and in particular Donegal have been part of my life for years , and your music is one of their purest expressions.Hope my desperate attempt at saying thank you in Gaelic was not a disaster…Please tell the other Donegal stars (Maire Brennan, the other “Maggies”, and many more) to come around and bring some pure Donegal air to our polluted city and minds… Once more thank you!

13 May – Jos: Hi, Big fan of your music and looking forward to the concert in Brugge. Asked for tickets to the gig for my birthday on the 20th… Any chance of you playing the Sunset ? Been practicing this on my whistle and just love the tune !! Well, love all your music ! See you in Brugge, Jos

13 May – Ann: Lovely set at the fiddle Fair in Baltimore – are ye staying long down in West Cork? Ann

02 May – Hüseyin Altan HAZIRBAÞ: Merhaba :). Grup isminiz benim ikinci ismim. Yaptýðýnýz müzik çok güzel ve çok beðeniyorum baþarýlarýnýzýn devamýný dilerim. umarým birgün sizinle tanýþýrým. hoþçakalýn.

28 April – Tom Rosenblad: Thank you for a wonderful performance here in Nøtterøy last night! You gave us an evening to be remembered for a long time!

27 April – Li: Thank you very much for a fabulous concert yesterday in Tønsberg, Norway. Your music is a MUST for us irish-dancing norwegians!

22 April – Michael Cozad: Best Wishes to all…..I hope you have the time to return to the Pacific NW soon. It has been over 5 years since I have been able to see Altan live. Have been following your band for over 15 years and have enjoyed your music and started playing music myself I was so inspired. Best to you all for 2012. Peace, Michael

19 April – Andrew Fundingsland: Wonderful show tonight in Sandnes – firing on all cylinders! I’m sure Norway can find space for you if you decide to miss your flight back. Come back soon.

19 April – Aimar Sund: Thank you for a fantastic concert in Kristiansand April 18

16 April – Donna Brenden: I saw your concert on 14.4.12, in Drammen, Norway. Absolutely magic! Wonderful to hear musicians who are every bit as good live as they are on recordings.Hope you can keep it going for another 25 years!

11 April – Joe: I own every CD. I listen to them religiously. You are truly and by far my favorite band of all time. . . and, to be honest, I knew next to nothing about traditional Irish music before I discovered you.. I do hope to experience your enchanting music in person one day!

06 April – Ronnie Guimond: Anxiously awaiting my copy of Altan’s new release. I truly enjoy their music!

31 March – noelquinn: love altan and all celtic music have new cd the poison glen plus all altan cds great trad irish band

24 March – Art Washburn (Okum Bay Band): Hi Guys, Comming to Ellsworth, Maine any time soon. We miss you!

23 March – Sabrina: I simply love your music. I can listen to it all day :) When are you coming to Denmark? ;) I would LOVE to see you live.

21 March – Ronan Cudennec: J’ai pris un bon bol d’Eire avec vous Altan dimanche 18 mars 2012 de la semaine dernière vers 17h à La Bouëxière pendant votre concert lors du Festival de la Saint Patrick

19 March – Marie: I join in the other french messages: the concert in Arques (62)was delicious, and the explainations about the different songs funny and interesting. I think that i have no other choice than coming to Donegal in order to learn the dances!

19 March – johnny: Realy like youre music, when do you come to stockholm?

15 March – Véro: Thank you for this amazing show last night in Arques ! I was so happy to have finally the chance to sea you and hear you after all this years listening to your albums.

14 March – Boris: Merci infiniment pour avoir apporté cette si precieuse chaleur en cette grise cité, pour ce moment hors du temps et ces sourires contagieux. Meilleures pensées

10 March – Tim Adams: Awesome show last night in Portsmouth,NH. Wish you played all night. Thanks for the wonderful time. Slainte , Tim

10 March – Kathleen: Just came home from your show in Portsmouth. My husband gave me the tickets for Christmas, and what a wonderful present it was! The show was terrific and brought back memories of my trip to Donegal years ago. Thanks for a great evening.

09 March – Marlene Mulkeen: Our family celebrates it’s Irish heritage by playing Irish music on Sundays.(as well as any otherday of the week) We’ve been an ALTAN fan for 25-30 years. Love this band! Unfortunately they must be gaining popularity in Europe! St. Patrick’s day IN France of all places. Hope you get back to Philadelphia in 2012.

09 March – Mike J. Murtha: Saw the band tonight at The City Winery in NYC, I have been a fan since Harvest Storm but this was the first show I managed to attend. It was fantastic, I bought the new CD on the release date and it was nice to hear the songs performed live. I had a great time as did the friend I brought along and hope to catch Altan shows in the future.

08 March – Brenda: Hello, I just bought the new album on I-tunes. You sound as fresh and spunky as ever. Very much Donegal. I love it; good luck with the album. Hope to see you soon.

08 March – Jeri Sehl: I so enjoyed seeing you at the Cedar in Mpls on March 3. I’ve been listening to the new CD constantly since. I absolutely am knocked out by “An Ghealog” and would dearly like to know the lyrics in English. Is there some way to find them?

08 March – Doug Carey: thankyou for playing at sellersville theatre!! we have followed your music for years, and it was great to finally be able to see you all perform live.we will look forward to your return somewhere down the road. have a safe journey, doug and barbara carey

08 March – Ally Kwok: I came to the Wolf Trap performance – my first Altan show = and loved it! The dynamics among all of you are thrilling, and you have a genuinely beautiful and passionate voice, Mairead. I am staying with my friends in East Pikeland who attended last night’s show. Pol tells me it was an intimately beautiful performance, among the very best he has ever seen. They suffered an awful loss of a dear heart in January, so I take it your last song got to them. It caught me out as well, and I had to have it translated after the show. I hope to see you in Toronto one day. In the meantime, thank you for such a beautiful performance and inspiring artistry. Regards, Ally Kwok

05 March – Russ Sulich: Really enjoyed your show last night at the Ark, it is such a joy to watch and listen to the fine musicianship you showcase and display. Thanks for the peek into the beautiful and spirited soul of Donegal and Ireland.

05 March – Blake: Would love to see you in Los Angeles some day! : ) I’ve got a t-shirt from the Blue Idol album that I wear all of the time! Hope you have a great week!

05 March – Maureen Fahey Dreher: Dearest friends, Your concert tonight in Ann Arbor was awesome! We loved the new songs, everyone looked wonderful (in spite of jet lag). Paul Catherine & I drove over from Grand Rapids and invited guest from Detroit to join us…so now you have a new fan. Wanted to say hello but you all needed to go rest and Ciaran needed his beauty sleep. Have a great rest of USA and thank you again for sharing all your wonderful gifts. Maureen, Paul & Catherine Dreher, Grand Rapids, MI.

05 March – Tom Hoey & Paul Roark: Go raibh maith agaibh go leir as na ceolchoirm areir i Minneapolis. B’iontach aoibhinn an seo.

05 March – Traveling Hermits: Altan will always be our favorite Irish group.

29 February – Nutan: hello girl and boys. spring is here, in Galway, and birds are cheep cheeping… just bumped into your website…  love to all. kind thoughts Nutan

27 February – Jeff Robertson: Wonderful music. makes me want to throw on my kilt and dance. *wink*

22 February – Dan: Hi guys, It’s great to hear that you’ve put out another album! However, I’m also a bit disappointed to see that you’re coming to North America but giving my entire country (Canada) a miss. Oh well, maybe next time. Cheers, guys, and I’ll try to pick up the new one a.s.a.p!

21 February – Frances: Absolutely amazing music…If it weren’t for Karl having your post up I would have still been robbed of your great talent. Hope to hear you live very soon.

18 February – Rolf Majaranta: best wishes from Switzerland ! Unfortunately I missed your swiss gigs last year …. Really hope you will come to Switzerland or South of Germany sooner or later. One friend is wondering if you will come to Sweden ? cheers and take care, Rolf

19 January – Ben: Time for you to play in Colorado again!

06 January – Ken: Looking forward to your show in Minneapolis Is féidir leat níos mó a lán blianta amach romhainn


29 December – julio: Thank you for your great concert tonight at the Backroom. Hope to see you soon in Barcelona. LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!

29 December – colum óg: go raibh maith agaibh. bhí muid i mcgrorys anocht agus bhain muid fíor-sult asaibh. Bhí muid ansin le cairde agam as barcelona, agus bhí sé ag iarraidh autograph o rud mar sin, ach bhí sé ró-fhaiteach. Deireann sé liomsa, go bhfuil sé ag fanacht ceolchoirm i mbarcelona (nó i mbilbao)…… aon plean agaibh????? ;)

24 December – Andrea Selmi: I know, my name is for women, but not here, in Italy. An Italian lad who loves Ireland ,Irish music and particularly yours. Will you ever come here, in Italy? Perhaps I could ask you to write your signatures on my bodhràn…! Greetings from Italy and… Merry Christmas!

10 December – Phyllis Wheldon: I love your music. I have seen you in Santa Monica, California and in San Francisco and have all your music. May you ever find joy for all the joy you bring!!

29 November – Joseph: I have always loved your music, but even more so when I discovered that my O’Dorchartaigh ancestors came from Inishowen. I can hear their voices in your songs.

22 November – Christian Sauer: I love my Altan CD…I close my eyes and I can feel the Irish Sea and the Guiness in my right hand.I’m only half Irish so I will only leave a half of a comment here.

14 November – Werner: It was wonderful perfomance in Bremerhaven last night. I like your kind of music very much. I play mayself with a Mandolie in a privat kitchen folk group which is call Slow Session. I wish you can give your enthusiasm again and again to people that more like to play an instrument in this TV time. Thank You

08 November – Maja: hey guys, i´ve been in eire for about 3 yrs and never heard of u…probably too much work ;-) had to come back to germany to see u at the irish folk festival in schwedt on the 6th of nov. i brought a few friends and we enjoyed it very much ;-) we know that the public is not quite comfortable wth english- but we hope you enjoyed it as well… hope to cu back one day!!!

25 October – Cheryl Hannah: I just finished an 18-day tour of Ireland with Ciaran’s brother SEAN as our Program Director! Throughout our tour, while we were driving through the beautiful Irish countryside in our coach, Sean played several songs from an Altan CD recorded with the RTE Concert Orchestra. I’m back at home in Aspen, Colorado now, & listening to your CD as I write this. It will remain a wonderful reminder of my magical visit to the Emerald Isle. I’ll certainly recommend it to all my Celtic music-loving friends here in Colorado.

24 October – Sebastian: Herzlichen Dank für Euren tollen Auftritt im Rahmen des 38. Irish Folk Festival in Stuttgart im Theaterhaus am 23.10.2011. Vor allem das Finale mit den anderen Gruppen zusammen war ein herausragendes Erlebnis. Sebastian

22 October – Danny McCoppin: I know its a long way down under but please consider a tour to Australia. I’ve only seen Altan once – in the Wicklow Hall, Belfast & would love to once again.

19 October – Jeffrey Gershom: I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your music. I have been thinking greatly about reawakening my Celtic roots, both on my dad’s and mom’s side. I plan on learning Irish Gaelic from some of the sites on the internet. I love poetry and music, and maybe I can write some in Gaelic. :) Some say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…I just turned 50 last week. I plan on showing them wrong and your music fuels my dream!! Thank you!! Jeffrey

14 October – Sarah Gabrielle Knauf: Absolutely amazing show at De Kam in Belgium yesterday! I have been a fan of yours for years and I also sing lots of Irish songs, so you are an inspiration! You are even better live than on cd, so impressed! Got the cd last night too so my drive to work this morning got me energized! Gorgeous lullaby by the way! xxxxxx Sarah

12 October – Linda Horvay: With the end of this day, I just revisited the album, “Runaway Sunday,” and was carried away yet again by its ethereal beauty. It has given me a great sense of peace. Love you all!

08 October – Kathleen: I am going to a Celtic festival today and was searching Pandora radio for some music…came across Altan…WOW! Being a Scotch-Irish American, I just love the happiness in your music!!!!!!!

29 September – James: I saw you several times in Raleigh NC, it may have been ten years ago or so. I’d love to see you come back to this area. I still picture your live performances when listening to your CDs. Best Wishes and Much Luck, James

27 September – Luc Bordes: Je découvre seulement maintenant votre merveilleuse musique. Continuez ! Merci.

23 September – Cití Bn Uí Mhaonaigh: Ádh mór oraibh a Altan….kep up the good work Le grá , ó Cití Rua

22 September – david: hi remember seeing you at norwich arts centre along while ago would love to see you back in norwich uk

31 August – David McNeill: Just wanted to tell you that I love your music, Thank you.

26 August – Susana: From Salamanca Spain sois los mejores un saludo!!!!!

24 August – Javier Carrillo: Música maravillosa, me encanta y me hace soñar, me da paz interior!! …espero algún día poder verlos en vivo acá en Lima, Perú o en Dublin FELICIDADES!!!!

24 August – Jackie: Slainte from Chicago (USA)! Truly, your band is a living treasure of Ireland. Your music transcends boundaries, languages and cultures (I am an American – born, Japanese girl!). Your music is refreshing, both the vocals and the instrumentals. Thank you for sharing your gift of music and song, and the hours of smiles and enjoyment it has brung me. All the Best, Jackie L. Tajiri, Chicago

15 August – Jim: wonderful concert at Irishfest, St. Paul Minnesota August 14, 2011. Come back soon!

12 August – Luis: Hello Altan people Thank you for your performence at Sendim, Portugal. I’m deeply sorry for the regretable portuguese public behavior; you deserved better. Long live irish culture. Luis

27 July – Lynda O’Hanlon: Your music touches my heart and speaks to my soul. You are truly a gift and I am most grateful!

18 July – Afonso: Hello Alran, I know now that you will be in Sendim,on the Festival Intercéltico. I hope for a great concert with us. See you in Sendim. P.S.: Sorry, I am learning English and i write very bad.

16 July – Russell Hibbs: thank you for your beautiful music….R.H. Austin, Texas usa

23 June – Ralf Emmelius: So, hallo. The way you produce the music let me feel the touch of irish nature and landscape. Everytime I listen to it, the beat of my heart changes to another rhythm, it is awful. So my big question is, when you give concerts to Germany, Fankonia near the Main river. We have such a very nice area so you would not miss ireland in any way. sincerly

22 June – Charles-Henri Lestelle: Great concert yesterday night in the Centre Culturel Irlandais, in Paris. Thank you and “Bravo” !

21 June – Raph: Bravo for 21/06/11 at Paris.

05 June – Cesare Lancioni: I have loved Altan since they were a duo and I always will! :)

03 June – Christina: Looking forward to seeing you play in Gijon. Tina xx

03 June – Micheal O Domhnaill: Bhaineamar an-taitneamh as bhœr gceolchoirm ‘Solidarity With Japan’ a chraolamar ar an idirl’on ar Bu’ochas libh go lŽir. Thanks to Altan for allowing us to broadcast your ‘Solidarity With Japan’ performance live over the internet on May 10. We had almost 10,000 connected computers tuning in and the online response was phenomenal. Highlights from the night can be played back on Go n-Žir’ go geal libh!

30 May – Brenda: Hi, It’s was wonderful to see you at Ten Vrede in Belgium. Great music as always. I missed it! Hope to catch up on you in the near future. All the best. B.

23 May – Zachary Boyles: It would be far too lovely for you to pay Canada a little visit. Preferably Edmonton, Alberta…It would be my dream come true. I hope you may consider. Thank you for your wonderful music.

14 May – Patricia: Back from your concert tonight in Lyon, I had a great time! Thanks for your kindness, your great musical quality. I was in Ireland on holidays a week ago and it brought back lovely memories. Hope to see you again maybe during Paimpol festival in Brittany. I’m going to be a real fan!

11 May – Rachael Tarpley: I am a big fan of your music. You guys need to include Oklahoma City in your next tour. I am trying to preform The jug of Punch at one of the venues here in okc but I need the guitar cords. I hope its ok. Anyway Just want to let you know that your music lifts my spirits every time I hear it. Sincerely your fan Rachael T.

08 May – Deirdre Thornton: Have to say the Concert last night at the City Hall with the Cork Youth Orchestra was fantastic. Enjoyed every minute! Thank you so much for all the wonderful music and the excellent expertise not only from Altan but the Youth Orchestra. Deirdre Thornton

08 May – Brigid Daly: Tonight I wittnessed a wonderful performance of Altan with our Cork Youth Orchestra in City Hall Cork. It was just so uplifting I’d forgotten how good irish music can sound, it has been far too long since Ive attended a live session. There’s nothing quite like it but tonight we experienced the marriage of a full orchestra of teenagers,amateur musicians: violins, violas,cellos,clarinets, basoon, french horns etc etc, cannot name them all, with our son on bass trombone. A truly enjoyable night,hope ye’ll do a repeat performance.

13 April – Jake Blackwell: DEAR ALTAN, I have been introduced to your band through my High School instructor who just happens to play Irish fiddle hear in the Fort Worth Area. I must say that I have truly enjoyed experiencing your music and looking through your website. I hope to perhaps see you one day in concert. Sincerely, Jake Bottlecaps Blackwell

07 April – Carroll: I attended your concert in Paris on 3 April 2011 and enjoyed it immensely! (I had made sure to arrive at the venue early, so that I could grab the perfect seat: centre of the third row, directly in line-of-sight with Mairéad. Heaven!) I have been a big fan of Altan for some 20 years. I never tire of listening to your music. What a thrill it was finally to see and hear you in concert! More than an hour of beautiful music was a treat, but it ended too soon. Please return to Paris!!

04 April – Paul Roberts: I was introduced to pandora radio recently and my life has taken a giant step towards musical nirvana. My Celtic ancesters would have adored you. I am a proud American Yankee who thankfully has inherited some intense Celtic genes which allows me to enjoy your lovely music fully. At age 75 I truly feel reborn, thanks in part to the great technology of Pandora but more to the point to your music. Many thanks from an American Yankee Celt

21 March – John Birt: Enjoyed the concert at Fermi. The music was great. And we’re looking forward to seeing Altan visit the Chicago area again.

21 March – Keith Brownlee: Just seen Altan at the Garde Theatre in New London CT 20th March. They were really excellent, me and my wife really enjoyed a First Class performance from an extrremely talented group of musicians.

13 March – Meg McCann: In between the rain and the music Tom McCann was definitely homesick, thanks for the show in Columbus!

10 March – Jennifer Terry: Thank you for your lovely performance today at Northland High School in Columbus, Ohio. As a parent I was taken with how patient you were with the kids, answering all their questions so kindly. And they were quite taken with your music! A real departure for a lot of them, I’m sure. I appreciate your taking time to come to our school to share your music and heritage!

10 March – Kevin Barrett: Many thanks to all of the members of Altan for a superb show March 9th in Columbus , Ohio . Hearing the band play makes it a bit easier to navigate through everyday life , as it is these days . As always , wonderful musicianship and vocals from an angel . And now I have a copy of ‘Imeall’ to keep me going (thanks for signing the cover for me) ! Please keep touring , keep recording and all be well .

07 March – Deborah: Just saw you perform this past weekend at the Irish Festival in Dallas and very much enjoyed a live perfomance. Would love to see a full concert come this way.

06 March – Jessica Ranft: Hi, I love the music you play! People here in Brazil always enjoy a good celtic music! You should come to give a concert in my country someday (specially in Brasília, where I live). I listen to your version of Dúlamán almost everyday! Best regards from Brazil!

11 February – Fabienne Lesaulnier: Dia daoibh! I had the great pleasure to see and hear you in Coutances last Saturday; my daughters and I saw you in Paris one year ago as well. It’s so wonderful to attend one of your concerts after having listened to your CDs for so many years! I’m writing a thesis in Irish literature and planning to go to Oideas Gael in Donegal this summer, to learn some Irish.I just can’t wait to go back to Ireland (I visited Kerry last summer). Thank you for sharing your music and your beautiful language with us.

05 February – Monika: Thank you for the great music tonight in Coutances – Normandy !

04 February – brid: go raibh mile as ucht an chraic areir i charhaix !!!! bhi se iontacht sibh a fheiceil arist !!! mile beannacht !! et a bientot !!!

03 February – John: Do you have any plans to visit the Southeast part of the US, particularly Atlanta GA? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you.

03 February – Erick Jacq: What a concert last night at the Vauban. Great voice, amazing musicians,I tought I was in Donegal. thank you for that. I’ve followed your music during the last 25 years, I expect 25 more years! erick

29 January – Roberto: Please, come to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I love your music. Best regards to all of you. Roberto.

13 January – Rebecca: I am almost 12 years old, and I don’t speak any Irish, but you are my favorite band! You are amazing and inspire me to keep playing violin. Are you possibly playing in Florida anytime soon?

13 January – Fabrizio Fiorucci: Keep up the great job! Your music is so inspiring. I had a chance to attend a couple of concerts and I put online a photo gallery:


13 December – Tom Jacobs: I saw the show in Hawaii and enjoyed it immensely. Thank You.

03 December – John Wagner: Please come back to Southern California… PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE!!!!!!

16 November – JoAnne: Just found you and like what I hear!

15 November – Tanaka Yoshisuke: I love your music. Your name and music must be added to music textbooks. I hope you will make a new tune or album titled “Tír na hAltan”. It must be cool. And I also hope that you will come to Japan again as the missionaries to convert us, the Japanese tribes, from fake music lovers to real ones…

12 November – Lucie: What a fantastic evening in saint-Louis France!! So beautifull Thanks a lot

07 November – Sean Beattie: Donegal Historical Society had Mairead as a guest to launch the 2010 Donegal Annual. She played a John Doherty tune as John is photographed in the book. A launch to remember

03 November – Lisa: Please come to Berlin, Germany!! I love your music.

24 October – Loughlin McSweeney: I was a pupil of Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh’s in 1984 in St. Oliver Plunkets (I was 7). I remember she used to show us how a fiddle could sound happy or sad, it’s one of those memories that’s stayed with me all my life.

15 October РUrko: Kaixo lagunak. Me he decidido a escribiros por que en agosto tocasteis en Bilbao y os estuve viendo, la verdad es que os sigo hace bastante tiempo y no podia perderme la oportunidad de veros tan cerca de mi casa. Vivo cerca de Bilbao y me encanta vuestro estilo de musica, siempre he pensado que es la musica ideal para poder transportarse a otro lugar con la imaginacion. En fin solo os deseso lo mejor para todos vosotros y para el grupo, que sigais muchisimos a̱os igual o mejo. Un abrazo desde Euskal Herria

05 October – thomas: Thanks for amazing gig and jam-session in The Irish Festival of Oulu in Finland.

04 October – Anita and Jokke: Thank you Altan for a wonderful concert in Oulu. Hope you come again to Finland. Love Anita and Jokke

04 October – Horst Drees: Yesterday I had the great opportunity to enjoy your music here in Oulu/Finland. You tried hard to get the Finns out of their shyness but finally you succeed. I enjoyed your music and I hope that you enjoyed your visit here in Finland. And Mairead, regards to your mother! I can prove that you were her in Oulu/Finland (240 km to the south from the Polar circle ):-).

03 October – geri: Yesss! I enjoyed it also very much, the yesterday’s show at Gloria. I will follow you! Reuben, you were the best dancer at the show! :-))

02 October – Reuben: I just got home from the Helsinki gig, what an amazing night!!! My hands are all black-and-blue from clapping and I’m smiling like a loony while listening to your CD. Thank you all so much for the music you play, it’s beautiful beyond words! The(badly)dancing kid

30 September – Phil Cree: I’ve been listening recently to ‘Local Ground’. The lullaby Dun Do Shuil is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, and features Mairead singing at her very best. I’ve been a fan since seeing the band in a smoky pub on Mansfield Road, Nottingham in the late 80’s. Please visit us in the East Midlands soon !


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